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Performance Max Campaign for a E-Commerce Company in UK


An e-commerce company based in the UK specializing in Christmas-lighting products approached Spigital and wanted to increase their sales during the Christmas period through a paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Google. They had tried paid campaigns earlier, but did not get the desired results. They wanted to understand what we will be able to offer, to help them improve sales.


The objective of the campaign was to increase the sales of the client’s Christmas-related products through paid advertising on Facebook and Google. Spigital aimed to achieve this by running targeted campaigns to reach potential customers and optimizing the client’s website to increase conversion rates.


  • The client’s website had a complicated checkout flow.
  • The brand did not have a presence on Google Merchant Centre.
  • Analytics was not set properly, so we did not have any historical data to build on.
  • Though the client had a Youtube Presence, they did not have any focussed promotion video.
Ecommerce Case
Ecommerce Case 2

Performance Max Campaign for E-Commerce

The campaign team at Spigital devised a comprehensive strategy to achieve the client’s objectives. This case is a classic example of how everything in the world of digital works together. Its not just about the ads, the creative, the targeting, but also on the landing page, the ease of use, the sales promotion that works together to achieve the desired results. 

With our experience in running campaigns for E-Commerce brands, we recommended the client to invest on Performance Max campaign on Google and a focussed retargeting on Facebook and Instagram. We had a clearcut strategy laid out and it involved the following steps:

  1. Audience Research: We conducted thorough research on the client’s target audience, including demographics, interests, and behaviors. This helped us create targeted ads that would resonate with the audience and improve conversion rates. We also looked at competition targeting, their ad creative and bidding strategy before arriving at a plan.
  2. Ad creation and management: Spigital created visually appealing and engaging ads for Facebook and Google that highlighted the client’s Christmas-related products. They used compelling ad copy and images to attract potential customers and increase click-through rates. The agency also monitored and adjusted the campaign regularly to optimize performance.
  3. Google Merchant Centre: Performance Max campaigns always work when we give it 360 degree inputs, so we first fixed the website and setup Google Merchant Centre, so we can initiate Google Shopping Ads. Next we also worked on some simple sales promo videos to showcase the christmas lights and its features in a better way, so we can use them in video led promotions under the PMax campaign.
  4. Website conversion optimization: We also optimized client’s website to improve the buying process. We reduced the product to payment in 3 clicks. Earlier, the user needed atleast 6 clicks to complete the product purchase. We also improved user experience and increase conversion rates. We also streamlining the checkout process, improved product descriptions and images, and adding customer reviews. 
  5. Analytics tracking with Looker Studio: We set up analytics tracking to monitor the performance of the campaign and the client’s website. To present the data in a graphical manner, we also created a looker studio report for the client. They tracked important metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and revenue generated, and we used the data to optimize the campaign further.
“There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed.” – OLIVER SANDERO

The Results

Spigital’s strategy led to significant improvements in the client’s sales and revenue during the Christmas period. The paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Google reached the target audience effectively, resulting in increased traffic to the client’s website. The website conversion optimization also led to higher conversion rates and more sales.

The campaign generated a total of £150,000 in revenue, which was a 25% increase from the previous year’s Christmas period. The client was thrilled with the results and continue to work with us.


The successful paid advertising campaign on Facebook and Google, combined with website conversion optimization, helped the e-commerce company based in the UK increase their sales during the Christmas period. The comprehensive strategy devised by Spigital and its effective execution resulted in a significant increase in revenue, highlighting the importance of paid advertising and website optimization in driving sales for e-commerce businesses.


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