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Video Development

Explainer Video for a Cyber Security Company

Background: Our client, a US cybersecurity firm specializing in detecting and preventing fraud in the financial sector, approached us with a specific challenge related to Synthetic Identity Fraud. They wanted to educate their clients about this complex issue using simple and engaging visuals.

The objective was to create an explainer video that would clearly explain the concept of Synthetic Identity Fraud to the Banks and Credit Unions to explain how their traditional security systems completely miss this type of fraud. The video needed to be concise, engaging, and informative.

Challenges: The biggest challenge was to simplify the concept of Synthetic Identity Fraud, which is a complex and technical topic. We had to ensure that the video was easily understood by the target audience without sacrificing the accuracy of the information. Additionally, we needed to create a visual representation of the problem, which was both engaging and informative.

explainer video 2
explainer video 1

Explainer Video - Development Process

After brainstorming several ideas, we decided to create a storyboard to explain the concept of Synthetic Identity Fraud using simple visuals. We presented over 5 approached and the client zeroed in on one idea. We also decided to add a supporting voice-over to the video to make it more effective.

We requested the client to share the storyboard with some existing clients to make sure they understood the concept presented. After the confirmation from the client, we worked on creating a voice over script that would clearly explain the concept to the target audience. The script was written in simple language and was easy to understand.

Once the script was approved, we moved on to creating the animated elements for the video. We used a combination of 2D and 3D animation to create a visually engaging representation of the problem. We also used simple graphics, animations and sound to help explain the technical details of the fraud.

We engaged a professional voice-over artist to record a supporting voice-over. The voice-over provided additional context and explanations, making the video even more informative.

“The video came out really well. The Spigital team’s designers and script writers were awesome. They were able to understand the business case quickly  and came up with brilliant ideas”
– Jennifer H

The Results

The final explainer video was a great success. The client loved our work and was impressed with how we were able to simplify such a complex topic. The video was shared with the client’s target audience, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The video helped to raise awareness about Synthetic Identity Fraud, and the client saw an increase in inquiries about their services related to this topic.

Conclusion: The project was a great example of how a simple idea can be used to execute a complex concept. By using a combination of simple visuals and a supporting voice-over, we were able to create an engaging and informative explainer video that helped to educate the client’s target audience about Synthetic Identity Fraud. The success of the project was a testament to the importance of clear communication and collaboration between the client and the creative team.

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