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Local SEO for Face Aesthetics Clinic in India

A Face Aesthetics Clinic in Chennai was struggling to gain visibility in search results, even though it had been operating for several years. They wanted to increase their online presence and attract more clients. They approached Spigital, which specializes in local SEO, to help them achieve their goals.

The Background : The Face Aesthetics Clinic did not have a local business presence on Google Maps. As they operated out of a bigger hospital, they did not see a need for a separate business profile for this division. But the kind of clients that they expected for this division was a little premium category customers, so we suggested that they have a separate listing for this Face Aesthetics Division. The main goals of the project were to increase the visibility of the clinic’s website, Google Business Profile, and YouTube channel in local search results. We wanted to ensure that potential clients searching for services related to face aesthetics in Chennai and surrounding areas could easily find the clinic online and learn more about their services.

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Local SEO for a Face Aesthetics Clinic

Strategy: We started the project by conducting a comprehensive analysis of the clinic’s website, Google Business Profile, and YouTube channel. We identified areas for improvement and implemented the following strategies:

  1. Optimize Google My Business Profile: We optimized the clinic’s Google My Business (GMB) profile by adding accurate and consistent information about their services, opening hours, and location. We also added relevant photos and videos to showcase their services. We used the Product showcase functionality of Google Business Profile to include photos of the treatment and procedures offered by the Face Aesthetics Clinic.
  2. Improve Website Structure and Content: We improved the structure and content of the clinic’s website to make it more search engine friendly. We added relevant keywords to their content and optimized their meta titles and descriptions. We also added location-based pages to their website to target local search queries. The clinic was also relatively invisible in local directories, so we made sure they had a good local directory presence and improved  their backlinks.
  3. Leverage YouTube to showcase services: We also streamlined the client’s YouTube channel and suggested creating videos that will brinf them immediate visibility and leads. The Doctor obliged and gave us a few videos where she spoke on the topics we suggested. We published these videos on Youtube and promoted them with a small budget. The paid campaign along with the right message really clicked for the client. We also optimized all videos by adding relevant keywords, descriptions, and tags. The channel grew organically as well and the client has decent subscriber base now.
  4. Encourage Customer Reviews: We encouraged customers to leave reviews on the clinic’s Google My Business profile. Positive reviews improve the clinic’s online reputation and also help to rank higher in search results.

“Thanks to Spigital, our clinic has now got the desired visibility across local search and youtube. The team is very helpful and responsive and give us lot of interesting ideas”
– Dr Priti

The Results

Results: The implementation of the above strategies yielded excellent results for the clinic. The clinic’s online visibility improved significantly, and they received an increase in website traffic and client inquiries. Here are some of the notable results:

  1. Google My Business profile: The clinic’s GMB profile received an increase in views and clicks, resulting in an increase in calls and directions to the clinic.
  2. Website traffic: The website saw an increase in traffic from organic search results, indicating that the optimization efforts were successful.
  3. YouTube Channel: The clinic’s YouTube channel received an increase in views, likes, and subscribers. The videos showcasing the clinic’s services were well received by viewers.
  4. Customer Reviews: The clinic received several positive customer reviews on their GMB profile, which helped to improve their online reputation and ranking.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the local SEO project for the Face Aesthetics Clinic in Chennai was successful in improving their online visibility, website traffic, and client inquiries. The clinic’s GMB profile and YouTube channel played a significant role in attracting potential clients. The implementation of these strategies can help any business increase their online presence and reach more potential clients.


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