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Hubspot Search Engine Optimization for an IOT Startup


The client is an IOT startup company based in Boston. They have a SAAS product that helps users build IOT algorithms by a simple drag and drop interface. The client approached Spigital with a goal to increase organic search traffic to their website and improve their online visibility. Our team took on the project and implemented an SEO strategy on the Hubspot platform. 


The client’s website was built on the Hubspot platform, and it had several technical issues that were affecting its visibility in search engines. The website lacked relevant content and backlinks. It was also not optimized for mobile devices. The client’s target audience was mainly industrial companies looking for easy ways to implement IOT solutions to improve their operations. Our goal was to improve the website’s visibility for keywords related to IOT solutions and increase organic search traffic.


Hubspot SEO Strategy

Our team started the project with a comprehensive SEO audit of the client’s website. We identified several technical issues, including slow page speed, missing meta tags, and duplicate content. We also conducted keyword research to identify relevant keywords related to the client’s business.

Based on our findings, we created an SEO strategy that focused on the following:

  1. Technical SEO on Hubspot: The client had build their website on Hubspot, but did not optimize it for Search. We identified and fixed the technical issues on the website, including optimizing page speed, creating meta tags, and resolving duplicate content issues.
  2. On-page SEO: We helped the client identify important keywords and asked their content team to create high-quality content that focused on the target keywords. We also optimized the website’s structure and navigation to improve user experience. We made use of available schemas to highlight FAQ and platform features.
  3. Off-page SEO: As a startup, the client did not have adequate backlinks to start with. We developed a backlink strategy that focused on building high-quality links from relevant websites. This not only helped them get visibility on SAAS product forums, but also increased their domain authority and thereby the keyword positions.
  4. Mobile optimization: We optimized the website for mobile devices to improve user experience and meet Google’s mobile-first indexing guidelines.

“We did not know anything about SEO. The team at Spigital helped us improve our website and drive organic traffic. We even started getting qualified  organic leads in 3 to 4 months”
– Andy W

The Results

Our SEO strategy helped the client achieve significant results. Within six months, the client’s website ranked on the first page of Google for several critical keywords related to IOT solutions. The organic search traffic to the website increased by 48%, and the bounce rate decreased by 12%.

Our SEO strategy helped the IOT startup company in Boston to improve their online visibility, increase organic search traffic, and reach their target audience. The project’s success was based on the combination of technical SEO, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and mobile optimization. By following best practices and staying up to date with Google’s algorithm updates, our team was able to help the startup steady their inbound leads via organic search.


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